Septic Tank Service in Kittanning, PA, AND THE SURROUNDING AREAS

Woodside Plumbing LLC Offers Septic Tank Locating

Woodside Plumbing LLC offers septic tank service in Kittanning, PA, and the surrounding areas. Owning a septic tank means that you must have regular maintenance. One snag that many home or business owners may run into is that they do not know where the septic tank is located. The team at Woodside Plumbing LLC has the proper tools and expertise to locate your septic tank. To schedule septic tank locating in Western PA, call us in Ford City at (724) 763-2661, in Kittanning at (724) 545-2699, or in Bruin at (724) 753-2014. We offer estimates on all of our plumbing services.

Unclog Septic Tanks in the Kittanning, PA, Area

Much like sewer systems, septic tanks can fall victim to clogs. If you believe that your septic system has a clog in Kittanning, PA, or the surrounding areas, call on Woodside Plumbing LLC. Our plumbers have the proper tools to clear out sludge and other debris that can clog the pipes. We will use an electric snake to wipe out that debris and allow for a clear pathway. If the clog is too large, we can use a power jet to blast out any sewage, grease, hair, and other buildup that is in the way. We are available 24/7 for emergency service, too. Drain cleaning is our specialty!

Woodside Plumbing LLC Installs Septic Risers in Western PA

For easier access to your septic tank, contact Woodside Plumbing LLC for septic riser installation. Septic risers are lids that allow for technicians to access the tank for pumping and cleaning. Risers can also help to easily find that tank, especially after location. No matter where you are in Western PA, our plumbers are here to help.

Call on Woodside Plumbing LLC for septic tank services in Kittanning, PA.