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Woodside Plumbing LLC offers backflow installation

Woodside Plumbing LLC offers backflow services in Ford City, PA, and the surrounding areas of Western PA. Backflow can occur in the pipes, allowing bacteria and contamination to enter the potable water supply. We are backflow certified and can properly install a backflow preventer onto the pipes, keeping your water safe. Call us in Ford City at (724) 763-2661, in Kittanning at (724) 545-2699, or in Bruin at (724) 753-2014 for an estimate.  We are available 24-hours for emergency service too.

what is backflow?

Backflow occurs when the water flows in the opposite direction in the pipes, allowing dirty water to infiltrate the clean water. If you notice dirt coming from the spigot, discolored or cloudy water, or water with a foul taste or smell, you could have a problem with backflow. Backflow is nothing to ignore, as it can carry bacteria and contaminants that can make you and others sick.
Contaminated water is more than just a minor inconvenience. It is impossible for you to safely cook, wash dishes, wash clothing, and use water. If you believe that you have a problem with backflow in Ford City, Kittanning, Bruin, or the surrounding areas, call on Woodside Plumbing LLC today.

Contact Woodside Plumbing LLC for Backflow Prevention in Ford City, PA

Woodside Plumbing LLC is available for backflow prevention services in Ford City, PA, and the surrounding areas in Western PA. With more than 30 years of plumbing experience, you can trust our team to fix the issue as soon as possible. Backflow is a serious issue that many home and business owners face. Our plumbers will quickly get to your home or business to fix the problem and restore clean, fresh water to your supply. Contact us today for an estimate or to schedule service.

Trust Woodside Plumbing LLC for backflow services in Ford City, PA.